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Work Permits

the words work permit in a square
Students: If you have secured a job and need a work permit, here is what you do:
Download the 'Application for Work Permit' form:
  • The downloaded application is ‘fillable’
  • Complete the application and sign it
  • Email to your employer or print hard copy and submit for employer to completEmployer completes and emails completed application to
       If employer cannot send to PHS electronically:
       Please scan with a copier or take a picture with your phone and send to
If you do not have the capability to scan with phone or copier, please ask your employer if they can scan and send the application to Ms. Contreras on your behalf. 
Ms. Contreras will process the Work Permit and submit to Mr. Milisci for approval. 
After approval, Mr. Milisci will send to you or directly to your employer.
We anticipate this process will take about 3 school days, so please make sure you allow for that time.