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Educational Talent Search is a federally funded pre-college program for middle (6th-8th) and high school (9th-12th) students offered through Woodland Community College. The mission of ETS is to help motivate, support, encourage and expose students to experiences that will enhance their potential to succeed on the secondary level and in a higher education institute of their choice, while also promoting personal growth and cultural diversity. All services are NO COST to participants.
How To Apply
We accept applications year round!
Visit the ETS website for a copy and more information: ETS
Go directly to the APPLICATION
Who Qualifies?
  • First Generation college bound student. (Neither parent has received a four-year degree or equivalent).
What We Offer
  • Academic Advising and Assistance
  • Comprehensive and ongoing assistance with high school course selection.
  • Assistance with majors and careers exploration, school planning and test preparation.
Academic Support and Tutoring
Study skill workshops, academic advising sessions, and study skills inventories to help students develop their skills and improve their academic performance.
College Preparation
Students will receive informative workshops on college admissions, financial aid, and college enrollment. Assistance with college applications, college admission tests. Student will be introduction to college outreach programs such as EOP, EOP&S and SSS.
Financial Aid Assistance
Assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid literacy workshops. Assistance in applying for scholarships
Culturally Enriched Field Trips
Students have numerous opportunities each year to visit museums, cultural events, and various college campuses throughout California. Whether it’s a one day tour of UC Davis and Sacramento State or the overnight tours to various campuses, we will make sure they get a real college experience.