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Grade Help

  • Are you stuck on your five paragraph essay for English?
  • Trying to remember the causes of World War I for World History?
  • Are you jammed up trying to conjugate verbs in Spanish? 
  • Have you figured out that the UC system requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and you only have a 2.5?  
Where can you go to get help to improve your grades, raise your GPA for college applications or just get a high enough percentage to pass a class so you don't have to attend summer school?
Here are some on campus resources for you. 
Pioneer Learning Center

Pioneer Learning Center

At the Pioneer Learning Center, students have free access to tutoring, computers and other learning resources.
To use the Learning Center during class time, students will need a pass from their teacher, and they can only work on the subject for that teacher. 
No skipping Chemistry to work on your Math homework ! 
Pioneer Library 

Pioneer Library 

The Pioneer Library is open before and after school for all students.
If you want to use the Library at lunch, drop by the library before school and pick up a library lunch pass that reserves your spot. 
Math Retake Center

Math Retake Center

If you didn't do great on a math test and want to try it again, you can go to the Math Retake center after school, do some math equation practice first, to make sure you understand the concepts and then retake the test. 
The Math Retake center is in Room D105
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Wed: 2 pm - 3:30 pm 
Special events

Special events

Breakfast for Dinner:   The PHS Link Crew will hold periodic "Breakfast for Dinner" evening events in the Cafeteria usually a week or so before the end of each semester in order for students to work together on missing assignments or to study for final exams. 
Details will be posted on the PHS website announcements and announced in the morning bulletins.