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ASB/Link Crew

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB logoThe ASB seeks to represent the interests and goals of the entire Pioneer High School student body. Students enroll in ASB because they recognize that there is more to being successful in school than simply completing classwork, doing homework and studying for tests.


Having a positive school culture where students feel wanted, accepted and respected is critical to their success. To that end, the officers and members of the ASB class focus on providing engaging activities that ensure a well-rounded high school experience. Students in ASB plan, organize and participate in such activities such as rallies, dances, Homecoming, Spirit Weeks, grade-level competitions, cultural events and more throughout the year. 


If you have ideas on how to help Pioneer High School become an even better place to be a student, find one of your class officers or a member of the ASB class. Get involved !


All fundraisers whether for an individual class or club, must be approved and scheduled by ASB ahead of time.

ASB Officers
President - Yuliza Chavez
Vice President - Destini Echevarria Moreno 
Secretary - Conner Jansen
Treasurer - Benjamin Ditterich
Student Board Representative - Liliana Sepulveda, Layla Lavorico
Freshman Class Officers TBD – Elections will happen soon!
Freshman Class Advisors (class of 2027) - TBD
Sophomore Class Officers
President - Josselyn Bibriesca
Vice President - Amanda Cardona
Secretary - 
Treasurer - Ricardo Jaime Hernandez
Historian - 
Sophomore Class Advisors (class of 2026) - Sara Land and Josiah Webb

Junior Class Officers
President - Sasha McCallum
Vice President - Nebi Bhattarai
Secretary - Abigaile Wysong
Treasurer - 
Historian - 
Junior Class Advisors (class of 2025) - Sam Jensen and Gregg Bass

Senior Class Officers
President - Liliana Sepulveda
Vice President - Sam Arfan
Secretary - Maria Jaime Hernandez
Treasurer - Diego Delgado Perez
Historian - Aliana Dalisay

Senior Class Advisors (class of 2024) - Kimberly Lumbard and Laith Morse