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All PHS students are eligible to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

All students who have been classified as a GATE (Gifted and Talented) student are required to take at least one honors or AP course a year if available.  

For more information on the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program, please see the WJUSD website: WJUSD GATE 

Advanced Placement

AP College Board
AP Exam Information
2021 AP Exam Portal App Information
AP testers for May 2021,
Use these links to access important information regarding all things Digital for your AP Testing this year. This information will also be reviewed during the AP Webinar on April 21 from 6 - 7 p.m.
"Click this link to attend the  AP Digital/Remote Testing Webinar, April 21 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m."

In order to take an AP exam, students must register for each exam for each course.  Students register for their exams in the fall when they first begin their AP classes. 
The College Board released the Digital Testing App on April 8th 2021. Our IT Department is working to "push" the app to all student Chromebooks. We hope to have the app loaded into District-managed Student Chromebooks by end April 14th.
If students wish, they may download the  Digital Testing App app to their personal laptop or Desktop computer, however, the app will not load to personal Chromebooks. The Technology Department is working on loading the app into school-issued Chromebooks.
Students will need to take two key steps to get ready for digital exams:
1. Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application (to personal laptop or computer) and log in. You will need your College Board: Username and Password.  Technology will push the app to District-managed student Chromebooks.
2. Practice with example questions in the app.
Digital practice will become available to all subjects by April 12 2021. You will be able to practice with example questions and:
  • Try each type of multiple-choice and/or free-response question you will encounter on exam day.
  • Preview the flow of the exam and practice using the tools and features in the app.
  • Confirm that your technology works.
You will have access to two practice options:
  • Digital Practice: This is a longer option that you can use to fully explore the digital testing application.
  • App Dem: This is a shorter option you can use to quickly confirm that the application is correctly installed, that questions display appropriately, and that you can enter answers.

To access the Digital Testing Application on student chromebooks, students should turn on their Chromebook, but should not log into them. Next they should click on the Applications button and choose the College Board App link.  Students will need to use the Username and password they created when they registered for their exams.  
Digital Testing App Help

Digital_Testing_App_Help icon
Digital Testing App Help

Are you struggling with finding the Digital Testing App on your Chromebook? We have help for you.
Mr. Bayne and his students will assist all AP students with loading the Digital App on their Chromebooks. 
If you need help with finding/loading the Digital Testing App, please visit Mr. Bayne in Room H101 during the days and times outlined below:
Mondays: 1:30-3:00
Tuesdays: 1:00-3:00
Thursdays: 2:00-3:00
Fridays: 12:15-2:00
We understand you may still have classes at these times. Please notify your teacher ahead of time if you plan to attend the a help session.
Remember to bring your Chromebook with you

AP_FAQs icon

What are AP classes?

The Advanced Placement Program allows students to participate in a college level course and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Secondary schools and colleges cooperate in this program to give students the opportunity to show mastery in college-level courses by taking the AP exam in May of each school year.  

What background do I need in order to succeed in an AP class?

No specific background is needed to succeed in an AP class, however there are a few common characteristics
Student Interest - students are interested in a specific course or courses they are attempting. 
Time Management - students can efficiently manage their time to balance the additional rigor of AP courses and their other obligations
Interal Motivation - students are motivated by their own interests instead of external factors to encourage them. 
There are a few AP classes that do have subject level prerequisites, for example the ability to read, write and speak Spanish for AP Spanish and AP Spanish Literature.  Please ask the school counselors or the specific AP class teacher about any specific prerequisites. 
What is the AP/Honors "Grade Bump"?
Because of the additional rigor and workload of AP/Honors courses, all AP/Honors classes are given a GPA "grade bump". On a standard 4 point scale, an A in an AP/Honors class is a 5, a B is a 4 and a C is a 3. There are no grade bump benefits for D or F grades. There are no "grade bumps" for classes that have been designated "advanced". 
How can a student sign up for an AP/Honors class ?
Students sign up for AP/Honors courses during the registration period each spring semester. On occasion, if there is a prerequisite class where a student has not performed acceptably, students may have to get teacher permission to enroll into an AP class. Students who want to take more than two AP/Honors courses, students and parents will have to complete a waiver form that indicates the student is enrolling in more than the recommended number of AP/Honors courses a year. 
How can a student drop an AP/Honors class?
Students have until the end of the school year prior to the start of their AP/Honors class to disenroll in the course. Students cannot opt out of an AP/Honors course once a class has started.  
AP Courses Offered

AP_Courses_Offered icon
AP Courses Offered

  • Art 2D Design
  • Art-Drawing
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Computer Science
  • English Language and Comp
  • English Literature and Comp
  • Environmental Science
  • European History
  • Music Theory
  • Spanish Language
  • Spanish Literature
  • US Government
  • US History 

Receiving your AP Scores

Receiving_your_AP_Scores icon

Receiving your AP Scores

All AP scores will be available online each July.  The College Board will no longer mail scores to students, they will arrive via email

In order to receive them you must set up an account at College Board

The WJUSD Technology department recommends that students create a gmail email account for signing up for College Board, college applications and financial aid.