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Support Options

RIGHT GOLD ARROWThe Pioneer Learning Center (PLC) is open for the needs of students who require additional support. It is staffed with UC Davis tutors who are available to provide academic support for students who are struggling to meet grade level expectations, UC A-G requirements, and graduation requirements.

  • The Pioneer Learning center is open at lunch and after school until 5, Friday closes at 3 pm.

  • Students can drop by on their own to request tutoring or they can be referred to the center by a counselor, teacher or parent.

  • Tutors are available for all academic subjects.

  • UCD tutors are trained to avoid calling students out of core classes especially the classes for which the student was referred. Several teachers send students to the PLC on a regular basis for part or all of the period so the student can benefit from the one-on-one attention from a UCD tutor. The UC tutors speak a variety of languages including: English, Spanish, and Punjabi.


Summer School- Summer school classes will be offered for students who are deficient in credits for graduation. Signups are are taken each spring. Summer school runs for four weeks from June through the end of July. The summer school location alternates between Pioneer High School and Woodland High School.