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Supplemental Educational Resources

CACHE CREEK HIGH SCHOOL: Students who are not able to work successfully in a regular high school setting, may want to consider the Cache Creek High School as an alternative. The student may graduate from Cache Creek High School, but must earn 200 credits. Credits earned before entering will count toward the 200 required. Likewise, any credits earned at Cache Creek High School will be transferable to the regular high schools.


FLEX ACADEMY: Woodland Joint Unified School District has created a virtual academy to accommodate the growing demand for online learning opportunities. This virtual academy, titled Flexible Learning Experience Academy (FLEX), will continue the longstanding tradition of personalized education combined with current educational technology to create a successful online learning environment.  


INDEPENDENT LEARNING CENTER The Woodland Joint Unified School District Independent Learning Center is an alternative educational program offered to students to meet graduation requirements and receive a diploma. Students will have a course of student work developed to meet their particular needs. Class meeting times and homework contracts will meet the requirements for graduation. This program is for students from the 9th grade on who are referred through the school counselor.


WOODLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE Students may enroll in WCC classes in addition to being full-time students at PHS. Students must take a placement test and pay a student services fee.