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College Application faqs

College Application faqs

Q: What's the easiest way to get started?


A: Each PHS student has a account, and can use this to search around, get information, and apply to colleges!  


Go to the RIGHT GOLD ARROW California College Guidance Initiative CCGI page for detailed information


Q: What email do I use for college applications?


A:  It is recommended you have a personal email account accessible after you graduate to use for all applications, AP exam scores and scholarships. You will NOT have access to your WJUSD email after you graduate or if you move to another school district. 


Q: Where do I add Health and PE to my applications?


A: UC/CSUs are interested in seeing the you have met at least the minimum a-g requirements.  Neither Health nor PE fulfill an a-g subject requirement and, therefore, are not college prep courses.  You do not list them on your applications.


Q: Where do I add Dual Enrollment & College Courses to my applications?


A: To list a college course in an admission application, first add the school you attended, Woodland Community College for example, then report the courses/grades you earned at that college.


For the UC and CSU applications, all dual enrollment and college courses completed during high school should be reported only in the College sections (not in the High School 9th through 12th grade sections).

Do not double-report a dual enrollment course as both a high school and a college course on the UC and CSU applications. Report the grades earned in dual enrollment courses as they appear on your official college transcript. 


Q: Do I need to send a transcript to each UC and CSU I am applying to?
A: UCs and CSUs do not require a transcript during the application process.  There is no need to order a transcript to be sent to campuses you may be applying to.  However, once you have submitted your application, it is important to pay attention to your email.  After you have submitted your application to UC and/or CSU, individual campuses may contact you if they require a transcript to be sent at that time.  Do not request a transcript to be sent unless you receive an email requesting one first.