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The NCAA has created an Internet site that provides prospective student-athletes and parents with pertinent information about the college recruitment and eligibility process. This also now the preferred way for students to register for the Clearinghouse! It can be accessed here.

Click here to print/view the NCAA Eligibility Brochure; Approved Courses; Div I & II Worksheet

Transcripts: Once you have completed the NCAA'a online registration you will need to send two transcripts to the NCAA:

  1. At of the end of your Junior year for initial eligibility
  2. At the end of your Senior year for final clearance.

As with all other transcript orders you will complete a transcript request through Parchment form. In Parchment, you will need to list the NCAA as the destination and include your NCAA registration number in the request .

How to send your SAT or ACT scores to the NCAA


The NAIA is an alternative organization to the NCAA. The NAIA recruitment process is less cumbersome, with fewer restrictions on the contact a student-athlete and coach can make. Go here to register for the NAIA 

For more information about the NAIA