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Academic Planning

Academic Planning

An academic plan is a pathway to success. When students understand and successfully implement their plan — what courses they need, in what order, to prepare them for a specific college or career goal — they are more likely to graduate high school college and career ready.  WJUSD has set graduation requirements based around the "A - G" course requirements for the UC/CSU systems, in order to give high school students the greatest number of post-high school opportunities.

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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Social Science:  30 Credits Total  6 semester,  A - 2 years

  • World History  - 10 credits

  • U.S. History - 10 credits

  • Government - 5 credits

  • Economics - 5 credits

English: 40 credits total, 8 semesters,   B - 4 years

Mathematics: 30 credits total, 6 semesters, C - 3 years

  • Math 1 

  • Two years of additional high school math

Science: 20 credits total, 4 semesters, D - 2 years of lab sciences

  • Life (Biological)  10 credits

  • Physical 10  credits

Foreign Language OR Fine Art: 10 credits, 2 semesters E - 2 years of Foreign language

Electives: 70 credits, 14 semesters, G - 1 year

P.E.: 20 credits, 4 semesters

Technology: 5 credits, 1 semester

Health: 5 credits, 1 semester 


WJUSD Graduation Requirements


1. Earn 230 Credits

2. Complete 40 Hours of Community Service

3. Pass Math I

4. 2023 Ethnic Studies requirement needs to be met.  One 10 credit class of Ethnic Studies.  


Ethnic Studies Requirement


The following courses are currently approved to meet the Ethnic Studies Requirement


WJUSD Courses

Woodland Community College Courses

AP US History 

Art and Culture

Chicano Studies

English Puente 9

English Puente 10

Multicultural Literature for Seniors

Race and Social Justice in US History

Intro to Chicano Studies

Introduction to Native American Studies

Intro to Chicana/o Culture

History of Race and Ethnicity in America

Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Mexican-American History

Chicana/o and Latina/o Health Care Issues

Survey of Chicana/o Art