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Academic Planning
Incoming Freshmen FAQs
Are there courses in Junior High that count for High School?
Yes ! Math I counts toward high school if you earn at least a C in both semesters in the class.
Do my grades in Junior High influence what classes I can take in High School?
Yes ! Advanced 9th grade English, Math and Science classes are all influenced by what grades you earn in 7th and 8th grades. 
I live in the Woodland High School area, can I attend Pioneer High?
An application must be filled out and submitted for district approval according to Board approved guidelines.
I go to Douglass Junior High School, but my family will be moving across town over the summer, so I will be going to WHS, what do I do?
Register for classes as if you are going to go to PHS, the registration forms are exactly the same. This answer is the same for Lee Junior High School students who may be moving over to the PHS side of Woodland.
When do I register for classes?
High School counselors will be enrolling students usually late January/early February every year.
I was absent for registration for high school, what needs to be done?
Talk to your Junior High School counselor, they have extra directions for online registration. 
Common Freshmen Myths
Myth # 1 Colleges don't look at Freshmen grades.
False- Individual grades are not used by colleges to determine admission, but your 9th grade class grades do count toward your cumulative GPA, which colleges definitely use ! 
Myth #2 - I didn't pass some of my classes in middle school but they still moved me forward, they will do the same thing in high school. 
False - If you fail a graduation required class (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science etc. .) you will repeat it, either in summer school or in another grade. Don't be a Senior taking English 9, pass it the first time- do your homework, study for your tests.  
Myth # 3  The only thing that matters is my grades
False - Teens often think “I don’t need to participate in extra-curricular activities; I should just focus on my grades.” Colleges and Universities always look for well-rounded applicants. Even if you are the smartest kid in your school academically, colleges will debate whether they should accept you or not just because you did not participate in any extracurricular activities.  
Myth # 4 If you're really good at sports, you will be allowed to play, even if you have below a 2.0
False- High school sports have strict rules about GPA. If you have below a 2.0, you will not be allowed to participate in any athletic event. If an ineligible student plays, the entire team forfeits the game automatically. Athletic waivers are generally not allowed for freshmen. 
Patriots Link Crew logo
The PHS Link Crew is a program to support incoming freshmen as they transition from junior high into high school.
Link Crew teams are small groups of freshmen who are lead and mentored by current junior and senior students.
In addition to coordinating our Freshmen Orientation in August, Link Crew leaders will meet with their team members to periodically check on their progress, encourage them to become involved in school activities and serve as examples of how to be a successful high school student.