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Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Department - There are plates of food in the background
Family and Consumer Science Faculty

Family and Consumer Science Faculty





Asada, Deborah



Morse, Laith


Family and Consumer Science Department Goals & Philosophy

Family and Consumer Science Department Goals & Philosophy

Family and Consumer Sciences A.K.A. Home Economics and Health prepare students to become positive, productive members of families, the workplace, and the community that equips students with essential skills for living through instruction in the following content areas:

  • child development and guidance

  • consumer education

  • family living and parenting education

  • food and nutrition

  • individual and family health

  • leadership development 


Family and Consumer Science related occupations focuses on preparing students with skills for earning a living and careers in the following pathways:

  • food service and hospitality - Culinary Arts Program

  • child development and education - Child Development,


Introduction to Education and Careers with Children

The attitudes, skills, and knowledge learned in these content areas provide a basis for success in balancing home and work responsibilities as well as for transitioning to career pathways in family and consumer science related occupations.

Family and Consumer Sciences provide a basis for students to select courses that further develop their life management skills and/or pursue a career path option and transition to post-secondary education, including baccalaureate degree programs.

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