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Students may take medication during the school day if a medication authorization has been provided to the school nurse.  Students cannot carry any medication with them except authorized inhalers, insulin and epinephrine.  This is California state law.  If your child needs to take medication during school the health office will hold the medication and make it available to your child per the doctor's prescription.  All medications whether held in the health office or carried with the child must have a medication authorization form renewed each school year.


Medication Authorization Form

Medication Authorization for Self-carry Inhaler or Epinephrine       


If you would like the health office to administer common over-the counter medications which include: antibiotic ointment, calamine lotion, cough drops, acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen please complete the Select OTC Medication Form and bring, email or fax it to the school nurse.


OTC Medications Authorization Form