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What is the Independent Learning Center?

What is the Independent Learning Center?

  • The ILC is the WJUSD high school program for independent study. 

  • We serve students from all three high schools: Pioneer H.S., Woodland H.S., and Cache Creek H.S. 

  • To earn their diploma, PHS, WHS or CCHS students use the graduation requirements of their school.


How does the ILC work?


Students at the ILC use the independent study method. This means that each week ILC students are expected to:

  • Complete 30 hours of assigned homework.

  • Meet weekly with their ILC teacher at a specific appointment time.

  • Finish assessments in each of their assigned subjects.


ILC courses meet the A-G expectations for rigor and complexity required by four-year universities. It is not an “easier” academic option.


How do ILC Students Earn Credit?


Credit at the ILC is earned by:

  • Completing assignments (minimum grade of “C-” required). 

  • Passing assessments (minimum grade of “C-” required).


Independent study students do not get “absences." If students do not complete their schoolwork and pass their assessments, then they do not earn credits.


What Skills are Important at ILC?


Strong Reading Ability                                                                                                                                                                                         

ILC students do a lot of reading and need to understand and remember what they read. Much of their study and learning takes place while working independently.



Success at ILC requires a strong desire to complete classes and earn credits towards graduation. ILC is not meant for students who just don't want to “go to school.” Students do just as much work at ILC as they did at their traditional high school, maybe even more, but with a flexible schedule.



At a standard school, teachers remind students daily about what to do, how to do it, and when. ILC students manage their schedule independently without daily input from others.


First Steps to Enroll at ILC

  • The interested student and parent contact the student’s counselor. 

  • The counselor discusses whether the ILC is appropriate or if there are better options (FLEX, CCHS)                  

  • If all agree, the counselor makes a referral to the ILC.

  • Parent schedules an appointment for the student to take a reading, writing and homework assessment with the ILC.


Second Steps to Enroll at ILC


Students keep attending their high school classes during the ILC assessment process!

  • First we assess reading skills. Ideally, the reading ability at least shows readiness for 9th grade work. 

  • Next is the writing assessment, usually at the same session. ILC students do a lot of writing. This assessment measures if the student is willing to write more than a few sentences to answer an essay question.

  • If successful with the reading and writing assessments, the student receives the ILC Orientation, an online work assessment.


The ILC Orientation is a maximum one-week assignment. Full completion indicates readiness to work independently. One week after the ILC Orientation is assigned, parent, student, and an ILC teacher meet to discuss the assessment results. The results are then shared with the counselor and a decision is made to decide the best placement for the student.


Still Have Questions About ILC?

You can always contact your high school counselor to ask questions about alternative programs, including the ILC.

You can also speak with Jeff Brien, ILC Enrollment Coordinator, or Ernst Schneidereit, ILC Lead Teacher, by calling 530-666-0264.