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Fall Athletics Parents Meetings

Fall Athletics Parents Meetings

Our first annual Fall Athletics Parents meetings will occur in August.
We are offering two different dates that parents may choose from. All meetings will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. Meetings will occur in the PHS Gym.
  • Monday  August 14.
  • Tuesday, August 15. 
If parents are unable to attend in person, they may choose to come to Pioneer High School and view a video presentation.  Video presentations are available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day of the week.
Visit the receptionist or the Assistant Principal Secretary and they will assist you. Parents will be required to watch the entire video and then sign a document afterward confirming their attendance and viewing of the video.

We are beginning this practice as a means to further develop clear communication to parents and families and to outline the expectations of athletes and parents associated with the program. We believe that this process will help make the Athletic experience at Pioneer High School a positive one for students and their families.

One parent/guardian of every athlete must attend one of these meetings.
After August 25, no Fall athlete will be permitted to attend practice or participate in a contest until a parent/guardian has attended a meeting/viewed a video. 


Fall Sports:  (*Head Coaches)

  • Cheerleading:  Ms. Victoria Maahs

  • Cross Country:  Mr. Robin Olson

  • Football:  Mr. Matthew Bryson 

  • Girls Flag Football: Ms. Alyssa Phenix

  • Girls Golf:  Mr. Jason Messer

  • Girls Tennis:  Ms. Marcail McWilliams

  • Girls Volleyball:  Mrs. Annie Carter

  • Water Polo (Girls): Ms. Jenni Pareas

  • Water Polo (Boys): Ms. Mary Park

Winter Sports:  (*Head Coaches)

  • Boys Basketball:  Mr. Barry Reese

  • Boys Soccer:  Mr. Adrian Perez

  • Girls Basketball:  Mr. Sean Goldston

  • Girls Soccer:  Mr. Marco Mendoza

  • Wrestling:  Vacant - Contact Athletic Director


Spring Sports:  (*Head Coaches)

  • Baseball:  Mr. Craig Marquez

  • Boys Golf:  Mr. Jason Messer

  • Boys Tennis: Ms Marcail McWilliams

  • Boys Volleyball:  Mrs. Annie Carter

  • Softball:  Mrs. Linda Merrida

  • Swimming:  Ms. Mary Park

  • Track & Field:  Mr. Rob Olson

  • Track & Field:  Mr. Barry Reese