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Athletic Director

In order to transport our athletes to their sporting events, all athletes must complete and submit the appropriate form(s)to the Student Store, before they will be cleared to participate.
  • Every student athlete must complete the Student Alternate Transportation Form
  • Parents who wish to drive only their student athlete(s), need only complete the above form
  • Parents who wish to be available to transport other student athletes, (in addition to the above form) must complete the following two forms: the Volunteer Personal Auto Form and the Volunteer Clearance Form (to become an approved district volunteer)
  • To become an approved district volunteer, you must also get fingerprinted and be cleared
  • If you are already an approved district volunteer, you will not need to complete that form again
  • Students can transport themselves, however, no other students (not even siblings) can ride with them. 
  • If you would like your student to transport himself/herself, you will need to complete the Student Personal Auto Use Form
  • All forms can obtained from the PHS Main Office. 
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