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The Principal, the Assistant Principals, Counselors, Teaching Specialists, School Psychologist, Therapist, and Nurse make up the Tier II Team.



The Tier II team reviews student cases individually to determine what available supports a student needs to be successful. Behavior, health and safety, social/emotional needs, as well as academic skills are all considered and matched with available interventions on campus and through the district.



The Tier II team meets every week.  Each team meeting has a specific focus: review new referrals, monitor fidelity of student interventions, monitor student progress in the interventions, and evaluate the effectiveness of Tier II overall. The Intervention Specialist records the decisions, and organizes the subsequent monitoring processes and meeting agendas. 


New Referrals

The team reviews referrals from teachers, staff, students, and parents to determine if the student needs more support in the classroom (Tier I), or if small group (Tier II) or individual interventions (Tier III) would be more appropriate. 


Monitor Fidelity

In these meetings the team checks to see if students are attending interventions, and if the intervention is being delivered correctly.


Progress Monitor

Each member of the Tier II team is responsible for monitoring the progress of a portion of the students receiving an intervention. At these meetings each progress monitor decides if a student should continue the intervention, fade out, or stop the intervention.  In some cases it might be appropriate to refer the student back to the entire team.  


Program Monitoring

Annually the team looks at the number of students who received a Tier II intervention in relation to the entire student body (the ratio should be between 5% and 15% of the entire student body).  It looks at how well those interventions were delivered and how successful they were at promoting student growth and change.