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Tardy Policy

In order for students to be successful and productive, they must develop habits of punctuality. These habits will contribute to academic success as well as career success. Since tardiness is neither responsible nor productive, and since it is disruptive to the educational process, students will be held accountable for punctuality. Habitual tardiness may result in parent/guardian notification and administrative disciplinary action. The following policy regarding tardiness is in effect at PHS:

  • All students are expected to be in class in their assigned seats when the bell rings.
  • For Physical Education classes, students are expected to be on the roll call line in the gym when the bell rings.
  • If they are not, they will be considered tardy. The consequences administered by teachers for being tardy are as follows:

1st Violation - Warning
2nd Violation - Warning
3rd Violation - Friday School assigned by classroom teacher
A student CAN receive multiple Friday School assignments if they are late to multiple individual classes. After three Friday School assignments, the ISS Coordinator will notify administration. Tardy records are reset at the beginning of each semester.
During the school day, students who enter the classroom after the tardy bell with an appropriate pass signed by a school staff member will be admitted to class without penalty.

Unexcused Tardies
Tardies can be excused for the same reasons as an absence:  Illness, doctor or dental appointments, and death in the immediate family (mother, father, live-in relative). Parents and students who are 18 years old must follow the same procedures to clear a tardy. Many reasons cannot be excused,  here are some examples:  

  • Car is not working
  • Sick family member
  • Overslept
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Excessive traffic  

Tardy Sweeps
To help maintain the consistent enforcement of the tardy policy, the school administration reserves the option to conduct random tardy sweeps. While the focus of the tardy sweeps will primarily be at the beginning of the day, tardy sweeps can be used for any period. When the tardy bell rings, the front gates and entrances to campus will be closed, students outside of the main campus will have to enter through the main office. Inside the main campus, all classroom doors will be locked, students will not be admitted without a pass, and administration/security will direct students to the office. Consequences for being late will be as follows:


1st Violation - Warning
2nd Violation - 1 hour Friday School and parent contacted
3rd Violation - Friday School and parent conference