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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Student_Learning_Objectives_(SLOs) iconStudent Learning Objectives (SLOs)title

Creators and Innovators

Essential Characteristics: Students approach the world with intellectual curiosity; are proactive communicators and global innovators.

Essential Outcomes: Every student will be able to . . .
  • demonstrate innovative and proactive problem solving
  • actively participate in reciprocal communication for quality outcomes.
  • display leadership, adaptability, and personal accountability in their commitment to lifelong learning and future planning.

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

Essential Characteristics:  Students are critical thinkers who evaluate processes and outcomes objectively, active and productive members of student initiated groups, and self-directed problem solvers.

Essential Outcomes:
 Every student will be able to. . .
  • recall prior knowledge, interpret given information to evaluate long and short term goals, and create plans to solve problems.
  • resolve problems using different types of reasoning skills (inductive, deductive, investigative, comparison, analysis).
  • formulate conclusions, analyze results, and reflect on the process used for determining the final outcome.
Collaborators and Communicators
Essential Characteristics: Students are skillful at using a variety of tools and ideas to effectively communicate and collaborate with others.

Essential Outcomes:
 Every student will be able to. . .
  • demonstrate proficient articulation of ideas using oral, written, and non-verbal communication in both personal and community endeavors.
  • collaborate effectively and respectfully in diverse environments while valuing individual contributions.
  • use technology and networking tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and synthesize information to successfully function in a knowledge based economy.