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    WJUSD Technology Support for Parents and Students
    Are you having problems with your district-issued devices? Please contact us via call or text so we can help resolve any issues you may have.
    English: ‪(530) 723-6181
    Spanish: (530) 723-6302
    Information to Have Ready
    We request that you have your child's student ID number (lunch number) ready.
    If you do not know it, please be aware that we will need extra time to verify your child's information.
    Logging Into Canvas

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    Iniciar a Canvas

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    Canvas Support

    Help with Canvas - Parent Edition

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    Help with Canvas - Parent Edition

    What is Canvas? 
    Canvas is online portal for students to access their courses, grades and assignments. Students who are absent from school should check their Canvas accounts regarding what they missed. Some assignments will be on paper, some will be through other applications like Studysync, Nearpod or Edpuzzle, but the general directions on what to complete should be on Canvas. 
    For parents, Canvas can be used for accessing information about your student’s courses, grades, and assignments. It can also act as a communication hub with your student’s teachers. A parent account is considered an “Observer” account. An observer can be a parent, guardian, mentor, counselor, tutor, etc.  All parents who have created and updated their Aeries accounts have access to student grades and attendance records, but if you wish to see the individual assignments, you will need to create an Observer account. 
    How to Login 
    Using your WJUSD login, (the same login you can use to access Aeries) you can access Canvas through the Canvas link on the website (See Families Tab)  or directly by going to (We recommend you bookmark the link so you can get back to it easily.)
    Parent Accounts in Canvas

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    Cuentas de padres en Canvas

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    Viewing assignments and materials for your student 
    On the global navigation on the left (the vertical red bar), click Courses and choose All Courses. Here you will see a list of all courses associated with all children you are a Parent Observer of.

    If you click on Dashboard in the global navigation, you will see “cards” for each course your student is enrolled in. If you are an observer for multiple students, you will see all cards for all students in this one place. To view information about a course, simply click on the card associated with that course. 

    By default, all courses appear in the dashboard. You can control which courses appear in the dashboard. In the global navigation, select Courses, then All Courses. Before each course name is a star. Click on the star to mark a course as a “favorite”. If any course is selected as a favorite, only those courses will appear in the dashboard. If no courses are selected as a favorite, then all courses will appear in the dashboard. 

    NOTE: If you have more than one student you are a Parent Observer for, the dashboard can become overwhelming and hard to navigate.
    Here are some tips to help you make the dashboard more manageable. To make any of the changes suggested below, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of a course card and choose the options you wish. 

    1. Create a nickname for each course
    You can change the nickname for each course on the dashboard. For instance, you can rename a course so the student name appears first, then the teacher name. Ex.) Jackie – Int. Math 1.

     2. Change the order that the courses appear in your dashboard
    By default, Canvas will alphabetize courses on the dashboard by the nickname. You can rearrange the courses into any order you wish.

     3. Change the color of the course card in the dashboard
    Canvas can add a color overlay, or shading, to a course card. It can be helpful to shade all cards so each student has their own color. 

    Viewing your student’s grades
     From the dashboard, you can click on the View Grades button on the right side. From here, you will see grades from all courses, and for all your students (if you are linked to more than one). Do keep in mind that these are constantly changing daily grades, official grade reports will still be available through Aeries. 

    Communicating with your student’s teachers 
    On the global navigation, click on Inbox. This is set up similar to an email inbox. Canvas can  send messages to the email address linked to your Canvas account. To help regulate the amount of email you receive from Canvas, you can change your Notifications. Click on Account in the global navigation on the left. Then select Notifications.