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    Logging Into Canvas

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    Iniciar a Canvas

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    WJUSD Technology Support for Parents and Students
    Are you having problems with your district-issued devices? Please contact us via call or text so we can help resolve any issues you may have.
    English: ‪(530) 723-6181
    Spanish: (530) 723-6302
    Information to Have Ready
    We request that you have your child's student ID number (lunch number) ready.
    If you do not know it, please be aware that we will need extra time to verify your child's information.

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    Canvas Dashboard


    Welcome to Canvas 

    As we continue with online education for the Fall, we are transitioning into using the Canvas website to help you communicate with your teachers, to find the materials used in your classes, to keep track of your assignments and grades, and to find the links for your online class meetings using Zoom.

    How to Login 

    Using your WJUSD login, you can access Canvas through your Chromebook. If you are using your own personal device, you should log into your WJUSD account and go to the Single Sign On portal which has the Canvas link. 

    Global Navigation 

    When you first enter the Canvas environment on a web browser (as in through the Chrome browser on your Chromebook) you will see a red Navigation bar on the left. 


    • Dashboard: Links to all your classes; To-Do list; upcoming calendar summary 
    • Courses: Links to all your enrolled classes 
    • Calendar: student calendar; includes assignment due dates; can by synced to a personal calendar
    • Inbox: Canvas mail system; can be used to email teachers and classmates. 
    • Studio: A basic audio/video recording tool. 
    • Help: Provides links to the Canvas Help Guides and a quick way to message a teacher directly with a question

    Course Navigation 

    When you click on a specific class, a course-specific navigation menu will appear along with the page the instructor has defined as the Home Page. There may be some differences in which menu items are available (and how they are ordered) between your courses, but all of them will have Zoom, Assignments, and Grades


    Contains a link to the online meetings for that course. Most PHS teachers have created a permanent Zoom link, so you just have to go to this section to enter your Zoom class meeting. A few teachers will still be using Google Meet until the district turns on the Closed Captioning option in Zoom, so if there is no Zoom link in this section, that may be the reason.


    Present a list of all your class assignments divided into OVERDUE – UPCOMING – UNDATED - PAST. When you click on an assignment, you will see the instructions, links to any materials needed, and directions for how you will submit that assignment. 


    Displays grades for individual assignments and current overall course grade. Also shows the grade weights for that particular class.