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Pioneer High School offers a variety of clubs to give students the opportunity to socialize with other students with common interests and talents.

Some clubs meet once a month, others meet every week to plan, organize and develop club activities, events and/or community improvements and partnerships. Some clubs have academic requirements to join. 

Clubs are free and open to students and there is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join. Please note that the clubs offered can change from year to year depending on student interest and availability of club advisors.
 collage of a variety of anime characters
Google Classroom Code: qq5fpxy
 a drawn picture of art supplies - colored pencils, watercolors and a sketch pad
a stylized drawing of two people with their arms around each others shoulders, with the text Best Buddies Pioneer High School 
Google Classroom Code: eqfsnziC
row of books sitting in front of a bookcase, with a pot of flowers

seal for the California Scholarship Federation
Google Classroom Code: n4copui
Chem Club
white king chess piece with a P and star embossed on it
 drawn picture of musical notes, score and treble clef
a picture with the words College bound next to a graduation cap
 a picture of the letters C R I and a stylized cross
drawing of a stylized sun
 drawing of happy and sad drama masks
A gavel with the word Debate
Google Classroom code: iwihegt
 drawing of a shield with a large P and star in the middle
feminine symbol
  yellow circle with american eagle on top, and an owl in the middle, with the title FFA agricultural education a teenager holding a video game control in front of a TV
an upside down rainbow colored triangle with the words educate support advocate logo of the Interact ClubInteract
a banner with the words Cine Latino
Latin Movie
a black eagle holding a branch, with the words MECha on top and La Union Hace la Fuerza on the bottomM.E.Ch.A.
logo for the National Honor Society
National Honor Society
Google Classroom Code: n4copui
logo for the Puente clubPuente
Red Cross
A letter P with a star behind it with a silouette of a man rock climbing
Sign Language
Skills USA logo for Pioneer High
a banner with the words Club de Espanol and a stylized sun behindSpanish
a globe with arrows around it and the words Travel ClubTravel a gold and white heart with a letter P and star in the middleWe Care