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Community Resources

Adolescent Family Life Program- 530-661-2750

Alcoholics Anonymous- 800-970-9040

Alateen- 800-970-9040

Child Abuse Reporting - 1-800-422-4453

CommuniCare Health Centers, Peterson Clinic- 530-666-8960 (Medical), 530-666-8954 (Dental)

CommuniCare- On Campus, L130, 530-661-4604, Thursday 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center- 530-662-1133 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County- 530-668-8445 (Woodland Crisis Line

Teen Clinic, Peterson Clinic- 530-758-1510 Ext. 1436 (Teen Clinic hotline for general questions)

530-666-8960 (to make an appointment)

Teens in Action Phyllis Deats, Student Services Center, Thursdays After School

UCD Talent Search 757-3323 Tutoring and College planning.