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Virtual College Tours

Campus visits won’t be happening anytime soon. If you are a senior who is making a college decision or a junior finalizing your college list), you can visit from colleges from home.
Here’s some great links to check out virtual college tours on campuses across the country.


Here you can visit 600+ colleges for free either viewing on your device in 360 mode or using a virtual reality device. Tour small or large private colleges and public universities. You can search for the college by name.


View 360 degree virtual tours of over 1300 campuses. This site also provides helpful college planning tools and articles for parents and students.


If you’re not sure where to go or just interested in a type of college to view (i.e. Coolest Dorms, Best Athletics, Safest Campus, etc.) this is the place to go for a virtual tour of the campus. Colleges are divided into categories for easy searching.


CampusReel puts 15,000+ students together with community at the forefront of college search with video content. They offer authentic and honest insight with a lens into campus life by exploring different perspectives.

College Websites

Don’t forget to check the college websites for virtual tours. Their web pages are good ways to find information to questions you might ask on a regular campus tour. If you can’t find an answer there, look for ways to connect via email or social media. Odds are you can get your questions answered