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2022-2023 Class Registration

Registration Information 
Starting on January 10th,  PHS counselors will be going into English classes to make sure that students know how to register for their classes for 2022-2023.  Registration will begin on January 24th. 
  • Incoming 10th graders will be registered in their PE classes,
  • Incoming 11th graders will be registered in their World History/APEURO,
  • Incoming 12th graders will be registered in their US/APUSH clases. 
Any students who do not have the above courses mentioned will be pulled out separately. 
The deadline for AP Contracts. AP waivers, ASB, Link Crew and  T.A.applications is February 15th. 
For registration there are 2 things that need to be completed:

    1. Students will log into their AERIES account and select their course requests (follow the written directions English & Spanish and video directions in English & Spanish 
    2. Students will fill out this Registration Form to indicate their requests including 3 alternative elective choices in the event that their first choices are unavailable 
Elective Presentations
Grade level
Contact Person
CTE pathway course -  Ag Biology instead of Biology  9th and 10th grade
CTE pathway course -  Ag Biotech 10th - 12th grade
CTE pathway course -  Ag Engineering 1   9th and 10th grade
CTE pathway course - Ag Engineering 2   10th - 12th grade
CTE pathway course- Ag Engineering 3   12th grade
CTE pathway course -  Ag Chemistry instead of Chemistry  10th grade
  Ag Gov/Econ instead of US Govt/Econ 12th grade
  Ag Leadership 10th - 12th grade
WCC/CTE pathway course  Ag 60 - SEED Academy 9th grade
CTE pathway course  Anatomy & Physiology of Animals 10th - 11th grade
WCC/CTE pathway course  Envhr 20 10th grade
WCC/CTE pathway course  Horticulture 1 10th - 12th grade
WCC/CTE pathway course  Horticulture 2  11th - 12th grade
WCC/CTE pathway course  PLSCI 20 10th grade
CTE pathway course  Small Animal Care/Pre Vet  12th Grade
Business and Computer Science
AP/Honors Course AP Computer Science and Principles  
10th - 12th grade
Mr. Bayne
  Business and Personal Finance -  11-12th grade
ACES Computer Programing 11th grade Mr. Bayne
  Intro to Business 10th - 12th grade  
12th grade
ACES Maker 10th grade
English 9 Advanced instead of English 9 9th grade
English 10 Advanced instead of English 10 10th grade
AP/Honors Course
AP English Language instead of Junior Lit 11th Grade
Multimedia Literacy & Communication instead of Junior Lit 11th Grade Ms. Glazerman
AP/Honors Course 
AP English Lit instead of Expo Reading and Writing 12th Grade Mr. Hofland
Ethnic studies qualified
Puente English instead of English 9 and English 10
9-10th grade
Ethnic studies qualified Senior Multicultural Lit instead of Expo Reading and Writing
12th Grade  
Family and Consumer Sciences
CTE Pathway course
Culinary Arts 9th-10th
CTE Pathway course
Restaurant Management - (11th and 12th grade students who did not complete Culinary Arts in 9th/10th grade enroll in Restaurant Management)
CTE Pathway course
Culinary Careers  11th-12th
SkillsUSA Leadership  10th - 12th 
Industrial Technology @ WHS
Welding 1 and 2  10th - 12th  
Advanced Auto Tech 10th - 12th   
Auto ROP 10th - 12th  
  Applications of Math 12th grade   
AP/Honors course AP Calculus A/B instead of Calculus 12th grade Mrs. Marquez
AP/Honors course AP Calculus B/C 12th grade Mrs. Marquez
  Math III w/ Financial Apps instead of Math III 10th grade  
AP/Honors course Pre-Calculus Honors instead of Precalculus 11th grade  
Physical Education
  Athletic Conditioning 11th-12th  
  Walking for Fitness 11th-12th  
  Weight Training 11th-12th  
AP/Honors course Biology AP 11th - 12th Mrs. Lumbard
AP/Honors course Environmental Science 11th - 12th grade Mrs. Christopher
  Forensic Science 10-12th grade  
AP/Honors Course Honors Chemistry instead of Chemistry 10th grade Mrs. Christopher
  Marine Biology 10-12th grade  
CTE pathway course  Medical Biology instead of Biology 9th grade Ms. Park
  Neuroscience 10th - 12th grade Mr. Wilding
AP/Honors course Physics AP 11th-12th grade Mr. Watts
  Physical Science Exploration 10-12th grade  
  Physiology and Anatomy
11th-12th grade
  Robotics  All Grades
Mr. Watts
  Zoology and Botany 10-12th grade
Mr. Wilding
Social Science
Ethnic studies qualified Chicano Studies  All Grades
Mr. Jensen
AP/Honors course
European History AP instead of World History 
10th grade
12th grade elective

Mr. Guemmer
All Grades
(10-12 recommended)
Mr. Reese
AP/Honors course US Gov AP with Econ instead of US Govt/Econ 12th grade Mrs. Ott
Ethnic Studies qualified AND 
AP/Honors course
US History AP instead of US History - Race & Social Justice  11th grade
Mrs. Ott
  World Geography and Cultures 
All Grades
Visual and Performing Arts
AP/Honors course AP Art 10th - 12th grades Ms Roush
AP/Honors course AP Art History 10th- 12th grades Mr. Decamp
Ethnic studies qualified Art & Culture  All Grades
Ms Roush
  Band - Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Wind EnsembleString Orchestra All Grades Mr. Rogers
  Beginning Mariachi  All Grades Mr. Acosta
All Grades
Mrs. LillichManinion 
  Color and Design 
All Grades
Ms Roush
  Instrument Repair Course-Woodwinds 9th  - 11th Mr. Rogers
  Intro to Guitar  All Grades
Mr. Fletcher
Intro. to Music & Recording Software MIDI 1
11th and 12th grades Mr. Rogers
   Adv Music & Recording Software - MIDI 2  12th grade Mr. Rogers
AP/Honors course Music Theory AP 10th-12th Grades Mr. Rogers
  Piano courses All Grades
Mrs. LillichManinion 
Theater courses  All Grades
Ms. Moore
Visual Art Courses  10th-12th grades Ms Roush
World Languages
  French courses  All Grades Mrs. Hanke
  Spanish courses  All Grades Mrs. Villagrana
 AP/Honors course- Spanish Language AP 10th-12th grade Mr. Morales
 AP/Honors course- Spanish Literature AP 11th - 12th grade Mrs. Villagrana
  AVID  4yr program
  ASB  10th-12th grade
Mrs. Marquez
CTE pathway course CTE Experiential Learning 12th grade  
  Link  11th and 12th grade Mrs. Nielsen
  Peer Tutor 11th and 12th grade  
  T.A. 11th and 12th grade  
All Grades