Remind app

Remind app

Text @kaahge to 81010 to join the Cross Country team remind chat 

Clearance packet

Clearance packet

Click Here for the Final Forms online athletic packets. You and your parents need to create and fill out the final forms accounts. These will be taking over for the paper packets from now on. 
PREMIER CHIROPRACTIC & PILATES in Woodland offers physicals for only $20 and half of that gets donated back to Pioneer High School. The address is:
426 College Street and phone number is (530) 666-6685.

This is the website where you can see our schedule of upcoming meets. You can also view your performance results from previous meets and years, check out the competition, and look at school records. 
This is the google drive folder containing all the pictures from the season. Feel free to request access! 
2019 Season

2019 Season

2018 Season

2018 Season

Pioneer Cross Country 


Head Coach: Jared Wilding 

Contact: or through the remind app


During the season I will be on campus every day in room S108.


Remind App: If you have not already go ahead and download the remind app. This will be the primary way I get information to the team or individual athletes. You can also send questions to me through the app. The code to join is: kaahge

You can also text @kaahge to 81010 to join without downloading the app



Why off season training:  It helps to prepare you for the season and most importantly helps you stay injury free.  Running is a sport that if you are not physically prepared when the season starts the possibility of injury increases dramatically.  If you are trying to improve your ability from past seasons you must train regularly over the off season. Off season training means building a mileage base, don't go too crazy with the workouts and burn yourself out.You will work hard enough during the season, trust me. 


This is my current XC website, there you will find all current schedules and information! 


Tips for Off Season Running:

  • Check your running shoes, if they seem worn down or it has been over a year since you have had them I recommend getting a new pair.
  • HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE staying hydrated is the easiest thing a runner can do and has the best results on your body. You are losing A LOT of water when you run, you need to replace that. Runners need to drink more than the daily recommended amount of water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t overdo it, the goal is to get into shape before the season begins to avoid injury. We are not expecting fast times during summer training.