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2016 Homecoming - 1st Place Class of 2017 Window!

2016_Homecoming_-_1st_Place_Class_of_2017_Window! icon2016 Homecoming - 1st Place Class of 2017 Window!title

Students sitting in front of a banner outside in the late afternoon
2015 Homecoming Class Window

2015_Homecoming_Class_Window icon2015 Homecoming Class Windowtitle

Powder Puff Girls! 2014

Powder_Puff_Girls!_2014 iconPowder Puff Girls! 2014title

Students holding up a sign that says "Sophomores" on a grass field
Class Window 2014

Class_Window_2014 iconClass Window 2014title

Homecoming 2014 - Float Building

Homecoming_2014_-_Float_Building iconHomecoming 2014 - Float Buildingtitle

Sophomores Won the Homecoming Spirit Stick! 2014

Sophomores_Won_the_Homecoming_Spirit_Stick!_2014 iconSophomores Won the Homecoming Spirit Stick! 2014title

Homecoming Happenings! 2014

Homecoming_Happenings!_2014 iconHomecoming Happenings! 2014title

Homecoming 2013

Homecoming_2013 iconHomecoming 2013title

Class of 2017

Homecoming 2016 - Go Seniors!

Homecoming_2016_-_Go_Seniors! iconHomecoming 2016 - Go Seniors!title

CLASS OF 2017 Officers

President - Sami Esquivies

Vice President - Tomas Cazares

Secretary - Caitlyn Falk

Treasurer - Kate Rasmussen

Class Advisor - Tara Althausen