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Each semester students will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, or what skills they have mastered through final exams.  Final exams vary in structure depending on the course- they could be a multiple choice, short answer or essay exam. Some classes may have final presentations, final performances or final projects as their final assessment.  The final schedule is structured as follows:


Day 1 - First period final, and all other classes shortened. Regular release time

Day 2- Second and Third period finals, release time at 12:15, so students can go home, rest and review for the next set of exams.

Day 3 - Fourth and Fifth period finals, with a release time of 12:15

Day 4 - Sixth and Seventh period finals with a release time of 12:15


In the spring semester, Seniors will take their finals several days early in order to confirm their graduation status.


As a general rule of thumb, teachers will not allow students to take their finals early. Both students and parents are expected to take finals seriously. Please schedule family vacations and appointments so students can be in class during final exam weeks.