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Academic Support

Support Options

The Pioneer Learning Center (PLC) is open for the needs of students who require additional support. It is staffed with UC Davis tutors who are available to provide academic support for students who are struggling to meet grade level expectations, graduation requirements such as CAHSEE and UC A-G requirements.


  • The Pioneer Learning center is open at lunch and after school until 5, Friday closes at 3 pm.
  • Students can drop by on their own to request tutoring or they can be referred to the center by a counselor, teacher or parent.
  • Tutors are available for all academic subjects.

    UCD tutors are trained to avoid calling students out of core classes especially the classes for which the student was referred. Several teachers send students to the PLC on a regular basis for part or all of the period so the student can benefit from the one-on-one attention from a UCD tutor. The UC tutors speak a variety of languages including: English, Spanish, and Punjabi.


For free off campus tutoring  Mon-Thur. 5:15 - 6:00 pm Lord's Gym 630 Cottonwood.  sign up - www.lgwoodland.org

Summer School- Summer school classes will be offered for students who are deficient in credits for graduation. Signups are are taken each spring. Summer school runs for four weeks from June through the end of July. The summer school location alternates between Pioneer High School and Woodland High School. 

For Parents

Parent Conferences - The Counseling Office can help you set up a meeting with your child's teachers. Before a parent conference is held, we request that you follow the advice from our tip list.



Tips for Parents

My Child is Not Doing Well. . . What Can I do ?


  • If you haven't already, please sign up for School Loop, it gives you the most current access to all of your child's grades and attendance.
  • Keep track of your child’s progress with the six week progress reports. If you want more current information., have your child take a weekly progress check to each teacher. They are to hand it to the teacher before the class begins and to pick it up at the end of each class period.
  • Call the Counseling Office, and review the progress report and attendance with your student's counselor. Ask for specific information on how to proceed or get other questions answered.
  • Check to see if your student is keeping a daily agenda of homework and class assignments. Attendance and work not completed are the usual reasons for poor grades. In high school, extra credit is usually not an option to make up for assignments not completed or not turned in on time.
  • Call Pioneer High School and leave a message to have individual teachers call you. Each teacher has an individual voicemail. Be sure to give your phone number and times you are available, what your student's name is, and what your concern is. If you have Internet access, all teachers have an email address at PHS, which is located at www.phs.wjusd.org.
  • HELPFUL HINT: Your voice mail or email message should be specific and detailed. Tell the teacher that you wish to know what your child’s attitude and behavior are; is class work and homework being turned in, what is the quality of the work, and what accounts for the current grade? By leaving your concerns on voice mail, the teacher is able to respond to specific questions even when he/she can only reach your answering machine, voice mail or email.
  • Call the Counseling Office and request a Student Study Team Meeting. Conferences can be scheduled during the day, before school, or after school. Every effort is made to have each teacher in attendance.